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Fire and Ice

Remember that ice storm we got in January? Do you remember how grateful you were that you didn’t have anywhere to be the next day?

Well, imagine if you’d planned to get married that day. That’s what happened to Ally and Lee, and their Payne-Corley House wedding was going to happen no matter what! We shoved hand warmers anywhere they’d fit, and we trekked out to shoot this beautiful day.

And what we learned was the very obvious wedding lesson: that warmth and sweetness comes not from the weather, but from the joy and love you’re surrounded by on the wedding day. Fire and ice, if you will. But a little more romantic, a little less Game of Thrones. 🙂


I was able to second shoot this wedding with the talented Jill Doty Photography. You can check out her original blog post for this wedding here.

Annie & Joey are married!

Meet Annie and Joey! They got married in September, and threw an amazing party at Victory Sandwich Bar in Decatur for their reception. I loved their low-key style and easy-going relationship. Enjoy a few photos from their wedding day, shot on behalf of Altmix Photography. Congratulations you two!

2017 Couples’ Choice Award Winner

Ann Parks Photography 2017 Couples Choice Award Winner

Some exciting news here at Ann Parks Photography — I’ve been named a Wedding Wire 2017 Couple’s Choice Award winner!

That means I rank among the top 5% of wedding professionals on Wedding Wire. If you’re getting married in 2017, let’s talk today!


Frogtown Cellars Vineyards Wedding


Just wanted to share a few favorite images from this epic wedding at Frogtown Cellars & Vineyards!

These photos were shot on behalf of the talented Allison Mah. You can see her original blog post here.

frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-2  frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-4

I’m always a sucker for a few freelensed portraits in the mix!

frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-5 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-6

frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-7 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-8 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-9 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-10 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-11 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-12

I love the photo above for the shadows on the ground — and the offbeat moment between the couple!

frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-13 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-14 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-15 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-16 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-17 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-18 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-19

Absolutely love these next two. Props to brilliant Ally for sketching this one out!

frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-20 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-21 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-22 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-23 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-24 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-25


frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-26 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-27 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-28 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-29 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-30 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-31 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-32 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-33 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-34 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-35 frogtown-winery-wedding-photography-36

A wedding with dinosaurs



Can you believe this wedding was in JUNE? I’m clearly catching up on some long-overdue blogging now that the holidays are here. This is Amy and John — they got married at the Cathedral of Christ the King and had an amazing party at Fernbank Museum! (I KNOW. DINOSAURS!)

I shot this images for the fabulous Jill Doty Photography. You can see her original blog post here.

fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-2 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-3 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-4 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-5 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-6 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-7 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-8 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-9 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-10 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-11 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-12 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-13 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-14 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-15 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-16 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-17 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-18 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-19 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-20 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-21 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-22 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-23  fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-25 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-26 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-27 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-28 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-29 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-30 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-31 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-32 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-33 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-34 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-35 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-36 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-37 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-38 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-39 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-40 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-41 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-42 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-43 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-44 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-45 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-46 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-47 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-48 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-49 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-50 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-51 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-52 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-53 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-54 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-55 fernbank-museum-wedding-photography-56


A quick case for bringing your dog to your wedding

Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-27

Yep. That’s it. That’s my whole argument — that photo. Here are a few more favorites, just for kicks:

Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-2

Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-1  Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-3 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-4 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-5 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-6 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-7 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-8 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-9 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-10 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-11 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-12 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-13 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-14 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-15 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-16 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-17 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-18 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-19 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-20 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-21 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-22 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-23

Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-24 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-25 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-26


Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-28 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-29 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-30 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-31 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-32 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-33 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-34 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-35 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-36 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-37 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-38 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-39 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-40 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-41 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-42 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-43 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-44 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-45 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-46 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-47 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-48 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-49 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-50 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-51 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-52 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-53 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-54 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-55 Atlanta Weddings - Historic Dekalb Courthouse-56

I loved being a part of this special wedding day between Tyler and Jeff at the Historic Dekalb Courthouse, on the Decatur Square. These photos were taken while working with the unparalleled Jill Doty — you can catch her original blog post of this wedding here.

Leta + Colin: Married

April 2016 | Atlanta, GA

Jamie & Winston: First Look

Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-39

Jamie and Winston got married on one of the coldest, windiest, sunniest days of our winter so far. But the love radiating through them, their families, and their loved ones — truly made it one of my favorite weddings I’ve been privileged to photograph. They got ready at the Georgian Terrace Hotel, where they shared a first look. Here are a handful of my very favorite images from throughout their wedding day!

Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-1 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-2Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-3 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-4 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-5 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-6Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-7

Note: Winston’s amazing cufflinks, featuring Blue the Dog. Hey Blue!

Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-8 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-9 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-11 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-13 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-17 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-21 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-25

I absolutely adore this image (taken by my fearless associate photographer, Jill Doty!) of Jamie laughing between poses.

Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-26 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-27

Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-28Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-29 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-32 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-35 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-36Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-37

Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-40Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-42 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-41  Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-43 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-44 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-45 Atlanta Summerour Wedding - Ann Parks Photography blog-46

Jamie and Winston: I can’t wait to share the rest of your images with you. I’m so lucky to know you!