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Here’s the short version: You deserve to nail your first impressions online. If you’re ready to revive your dating and professional profiles with modern, comfortable, and sophisticated photos: I’m what you’ve been looking for.

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What you’re getting: I deliver authentic, relaxed photos with that je ne sais quoi edge you’ve been looking for. My sessions are stress-free and customized for you — I’ll handle the details like hair, make-up, grooming, and wardrobe.

I promise our time together and your resulting images will energize you to dive back into dating — empower you to feel confident about what you have to offer — and revive your dating profile.



Photos from someone who’s been there: How can I be sure? Because I’ve been on the sites, the apps, wishing I could do something to revive my matches. I’ve been in your shoes, feeling discouraged as I hunt for a photo that I actually like. One that looks like me. So I created a service for other singles that I couldn’t find for myself: modern, sophisticated, edgy photos for dating profiles.

And now my clients tell me they get more matches, they get better matches, and best of all: they get tons of compliments on their photos.



Pricing: Sessions start at $349, with luxury upgrades available for wardrobe, hair & makeup styling, or grooming.



How to Get Started: Are you ready to take the plunge and invest in yourself? Let’s do this.

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