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A gin and tonic, with Hendricks

Sometimes, you meet somebody and you just know you’re going to get along.

Dan and I met up for his session and immediately dove into a pantheon of bad dating stories. After lots of shooting, posing, and laughing, we needed a little something to cool off, so we popped into a bar for a quick drink.

“Gin and tonic. With Hendrick’s, if you’ve got it.”

If the voice hadn’t been deep and obviously male, I would have wondered if I’d just been thinking out loud. Nope! Dan and I share the same favorite drink. You could say also that we share our opinion over what the best drink is. The drink that is better than all other drinks, more refreshing than all other drinks, and generally superior to whatever you’re holding as you read this.

(Sorry, I really like G&Ts.)

All of this is just to say that Dan and I had a great time — and I’ve never seen someone look so unbelievably suave while holding their G&T.


Dan, I wish you all the best in your dating adventures!

The most important reason to hire a photographer (even if you’re single)

Sometimes I hear clients say, I need to wait to have my photos taken because:

I’m losing weight.

I don’t have the right clothes.

I’m not photogenic.

I don’t feel great about myself right now. I’m single, and I want to wait to spend my money once I’m engaged. PISH. POSH. I take your excuse and I reject it. (Lovingly, gently, after promising you it will be ok.)

Don’t kid yourself: you’ve made the same excuses. I’m here to say: stop waiting!

Stop waiting to overhaul your online dating profiles. Stop waiting to have new photos taken for your dating apps. Stop waiting to make a change. Stop waiting to have great photos of yourself right. now.

This isn’t only about finding “the one.” It’s not only about beating the competition on dating sites with professional photos.

Here’s a better reason to hire a photographer: it’s about honoring who you are. Remembering who you are. Documenting who you are.

You look great NOW. You are great NOW. Yes, I promise: you are photogenic. Everyone is nervous in front of the camera, including me! You just need to find the right person to stand behind the camera.

Document yourself now. Document this time.

That scar. That hairline. Those thighs. Your smile. Your beauty. Your best, authentic self.

The one your friends and family see every day and LOVE.

New headshots for a new gig

If you’ve been perusing my website, wondering how you can book a photoshoot with me for the low, low price of free — this next sentence will either thrill or crush you:

I give away one photoshoot a year. (And you still have to pay for it.)

Every fall, I donate a session to a silent auction that raises funds for VOX Teen Communications — an incredible nonprofit that helps Atlanta teens share their uncensored stories and voices. I’ve met some really brilliant folks and teens involved with VOX — and some of my favorite people have been champions, volunteers, and board members for VOX.

Susan is celebrating becoming the newest executive director of VOX! She wanted to get some new headshots to mark her new job, so we met up on a very blustery day to get some creative and fun headshots (and also celebrated her milestone, talked about how much we love Atlanta, etc).

If you’re celebrating a new job or position and need some new headshots that aren’t stuffy or too serious, shoot me a note! I’d love to help you update your professional brand.

Goth birthday party

Because every once in a while you have to step away from the chaos of a wedding and enter the chaos of a goth-themed birthday party.Goth birthday party-1  Goth birthday party-3 Goth birthday party-4 Goth birthday party-5  Goth birthday party-7 Goth birthday party-8

Happy birthday, Karen!

Goth birthday party-9

Goth birthday party-2

Pardon the mess!

Hey there!

I’ve made a few back-end updates to my website, and in the process, images on the blog have changed sizes. Formatting for previous posts has gone a little wonky. It’ll take me a few weeks to get them all back into line. In the meantime, thanks for understanding that things just look a little… off. I appreciate it!


Trip’s condo: Sold

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-21

A few weeks ago, I got an email from my friend Trip. He rather unceremoniously announced he was moving away from Atlanta (double take), he’d be selling his condo soon (triple take), and he’d like me to do his real estate photography (woot!). If you’ve ever found yourself in the market to buy a home, you know that the photos on listings can make or break your desire to even see a place.

Back before I bought my current home, I was once browsing listings, and spotted a roomy supply closet — overflowing with household dry goods and cleaners — including a whole shelf of “Raid” products. Oh, come on! You think I want to see your bug-infested home now? Did anyone stop to think that that was perhaps a bad idea?

Lucky for me, Trip’s home is nothing like that. He has spent countless hours and weekends styling and crafting his condo into a place that really fit him. I did that triple take because it’s such a great place, and I never thought he’d end up parting with it! Take a look and see for yourself.

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-9

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-8

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-10

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-11

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-13

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-2

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-4

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-15

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-16

It’s just about the most sophisticated condo of anyone I know! Doesn’t he have excellent taste?

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-20

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-17

Within days of putting his condo on the market (before I had a chance to blog it and talk it up!), Trip had an offer. Last week, he and the buyer closed, and his home is sold!

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-22

Which is unfortunate for any other potential buyers, but a great way to be able to end this post. Congratulations on your home selling so quickly, Trip! I will miss having you here in Atlanta. Thanks for all the LaCroix I drank during our shoot!

Trip Reed condo MEDIUM-23

Rodney + Holly: Married

April 2014

Ceremony & Reception: First Methodist Church, Thomaston, Georgia

Catering: Rick McManus

Holly’s dress and accessories: David’s Bridal

Hair: Gayle Gravitt

Makeup: Tracy Self

Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal

Flower girl’s dress: David’s Bridal

Rodney’s suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Groomsmen’s suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Bouquets: Made from cotton from Rodney’s cotton fields

Second Shooter: Justin Snavely

Reception Music: George Lewis

TJ + Julie: Married

November 2013

Ceremony & Reception: The Mill at Yellow River

Catering: Beyond Details

Cake: Baby Cakes

Julie’s dress: Theia

TJ and Groomsmen’s suits: Alfani

Hair: Charmed Salon Spa Boutique

DJ: Matt Owens with Love Gives Way

Ceremony Music: Chris Westbrook

Second Shooter: Justin Snavely

Scott + Sarah: Married

Venue: Mansell House, Alpharetta, GA

Sarah’s dress: David’s Bridal

Sarah’s shoes: Tom’s

Bridesmaids’ dresses: Target

DJ: Sara Magliacane with Disc Jockeys Unlimited

Flowers: Alpharetta Flower Market

Hair: Joseph and Friends, John’s Creek

Makeup: Candace Rochelle

Caterer: 3 Brothers Catering

Cake: Publix

Second shooter: Kevin Ward

Jon + Melissa: Married

Ceremony: Decatur town square; Decatur, GA

Reception and Food: Iberian Pig restaurant

Melissa’s dress: Melissa Sweet (David’s Bridal)

Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal

Jon’s suit: K&G

Groomsmen’s suits: K&G

Flowers: Maud Baker

Second Shooter: Justin Snavely

Ceremony Music: Zack & Jen Stepp