A gin and tonic, with Hendricks

Sometimes, you meet somebody and you just know you’re going to get along.

Dan and I met up for his session and immediately dove into a pantheon of bad dating stories. After lots of shooting, posing, and laughing, we needed a little something to cool off, so we popped into a bar for a quick drink.

“Gin and tonic. With Hendrick’s, if you’ve got it.”

If the voice hadn’t been deep and obviously male, I would have wondered if I’d just been thinking out loud. Nope! Dan and I share the same favorite drink. You could say also that we share our opinion over what the best drink is. The drink that is better than all other drinks, more refreshing than all other drinks, and generally superior to whatever you’re holding as you read this.

(Sorry, I really like G&Ts.)

All of this is just to say that Dan and I had a great time — and I’ve never seen someone look so unbelievably suave while holding their G&T.


Dan, I wish you all the best in your dating adventures!